Wednesday, August 20, 2008

Thanks to Gary

Well I just spent from 10:30pm to 3:30am doing what Gary has done for the past 10 days.
This is a hard job.
My browser shut down twice right at the start of the women's race.
I am not a touch typer so trying to type and watch the race at the same time is like trying to text while walking down a New York City street.
My hat is off to you Gary.
Thanks for the opportunity to do this. I really had a great time and hope that you spectators out there enjoyed the commentary.


cammar said...

Hi Platt, thank you for the great commentary.
I just made a post on my blog with a few comments on those great webcasts.

JackieB said...

I enjoyed your commentary very much last night. Thanks. I went to bed after the women's race, but it was really impressive. They are phenomenal athletes.

M.Bussard_US101 said...

Hi Platt,
You did a great job on the commentary. I didn't watch live, I've been taking in all the feeds the day after, but I must say that both you and Gary have really changed the Olympic experience for the masses who never get to see any of the sailing. This has been GREAT!!! Thanks for your efforts to provide the commentary.

Jerome said...

OK. I'd just like to understand this. In the women's RS final scores - yin jian wins the gold. But at the website - the italian woman is listed as first, and the chinese woman comes in third -

but the chinese website has

So maybe i'm not getting something. My guess is that the nbc site is wrong on final totals. your thoughts?

Platt said...

After actually sitting down in front of the computer I must say that what looks easy and self evident at home is anything but while typing live commentary.
I suffered from a new keyboard style, crashing computers and an inability to type while watching the sailing at the same time.
The NBC folks are monitoring hundreds of events, most more prestigious than Windsurfing, at the early hours of the morning and with staff separated by half a world. That they could do this at all is really wonderful to behold. I don't wonder that things were a bit off. I would recommend the ISAF site for the most accurate info including mark roundings. Also check out for great pics and stories